And then it was gone...

No sooner had I got the gallery all organised than it was almost empty again.  Most of the work, 14 pieces to be precise, has gone to The Arc in Chester along with the full range of prints, cards and a selection of mini pictures.  The whole point is to get work out into the galleries and sold but I do like it when my little gallery space is bursting at the seams with work and I can show people a range of work.  Of course the only answer is to get working on some new pieces...such hardship!

I have also started planning for Christmas and will be in full production of screenprinted goodies over the summer ready to get selling in the Autumn.  I have to find things in the summer that I can do from home with the long school holidays so I will be exposing some screens at the studio and setting up a little studio in the kitchen to print away at home....I might even get printing in the garden if we ever see the summer this year!

So, for now, I am getting up to date with orders and exhibitions, the to do list is gradually getting shorter and I can see the July finishing post in sight.  I have dropped my three pieces of work at Holmfirth Artweek which starts this Sunday and a collection of cards and badges and have made a start on pieces for new exhibitions, so all that's left now is to get the studio tidy and I will be something resembling organised...surely not???

I will leave you with a glimpse of the sun taken in a lovely woven structure in the gardens at Dunham Massey, lets hope it reappears again soon...

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