August News

Yet again, it's been a while but I have been busy making a few changes to the studio that I am quite excited about!  The studio next door to mine at the Old Tannery became available recently and it was just too good an opportunity to miss.  Not only does it offer extra space but a separate room looking onto the front of the building, which I can use as a permanent display area, and also a loo, making it completely self contained.  When I start running workshops again it will be a fantastic space to work in with a separate area to relax and enjoy lunch and my existing studio will be used as a wash out area.  I have already made a few changes to the space creating a whole wall of storage, those who know me will now why (major hoarder), and adding a small partition wall to the front to partially screen off the working area.  I have also been going a bit mad on Ebay and buying a few vintage furniture pieces to dress the display area.....any excuse for a bit of retail therapy!

The new space will be finished and fully functioning by the end of the summer holidays and I am planning on a launch date of the 17th/18th September as I have decided, after changing my mind many times, to take part in HOST again this year, so hopefully I will get a few visitors to come along and enjoy the new space with me!

Here's a picture of a fairly new piece of work as I can't do a blog post without an image....