The beginning

Finally managed to get back into my studio this afternoon to print the screens that I had coated. Schools are atill closed but I managed to find just enough time to do the first print for work for the Contemporary Textiles Fair to keep me on track with everything. I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline which will hopefully keep me busy during 2010...more info to follow as things are confirmed!

Here are a few images of the coated screens and the first prints onto the fabric....the beginning!

Happy New Year!

A belated Happy New Year to one and all!

Okay so the posting from the phone didn't quite get me to post on my blog any more here is a quick update. December was absolutely hectic with loads of work being sold which was fantastic!! I am now starting to prepare for the Contemporary Textiles Fair (March) and BCTF (April) along with exhibitions being fitted in as they come up. I have been out and about with my new camera (digital SLR..not quite got the hang of it yet!) taking some pictures as reference for my new work. Just need the snow to melt now and I can get going.......can't wait!!!