Finally I feel like I am getting somewhere!  I have started quite a few new pieces of work this week in some new colours (mainly blue) and am really please with how they are going.

I decided to do a bit of a stock check whilst they were drying and breathed a sigh of relief as I already have quite a few pieces wrapped and ready to go to Country Living Spring Fair.  It's amazing how many pieces you can store in a plan chest!  So I felt a little more relaxed knowing that I could just concentrate on the new work to go on the I only have a 3m x 1m stand with 1 open side they need to be big eyecatching pieces so I am planning on creating 2 big canvas'......
this one is in the first stage of production and is the width and nearly the whole length of my printing table so it's going to be big!  This image is the reverse of the fabric stretched onto my table and has been drawn into with dye and also printed.  It will go in the steamer tomorrow and have it's first wash and then on with the next process.

I am also about to start a commission for a hotel who want five large pieces of work for their reception and dining area (for mid March!) and have been contacted by a new gallery regarding an exhibition in June/July so things are going a bit crazy lately.

I will post some more pictures once these pieces are a stage further and I haven't forgotten about the sketchbook pages that I promised to show you....maybe next week!

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