Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is gradually settling into the new year, it's back to work for me today and so I am planning the year ahead and reflecting on 2013.  I have to admit the last year has been a challenging one with larger artwork sales varying hugely from month to month but the end of year saw some fantastic sales for some galleries that stock my work so hopefully things are turning a corner.  2013 was challenging in other ways here too, but in a good way, with the introduction of new products requiring more computer based design work than I have ever done before....it was a steep learning curve!  The hard work paid off though with the introduction of a new range of tea towels and some beautiful chairs upholstered with my fabric design.

The new products have been very well received and I am excited to say that cushions and scarves will be following very soon!  

So on to planning the year ahead!  The big plan is to continue to expand the range of digitally printed homewares and accessories alongside new screen printed pieces and I have some exciting new ideas for the original artwork too so lots to get started on.  My first show is the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate so I intend to have everything ready to launch then with a new look to my stand this year.  I love doing this show as it's a rare chance to catch up with other artists/designer makers and see what everyone is working on, a real inspiration.

But first things first, before the new stock arrives I am having a major clear out in the studio to free up some space and reorganise things once again to try and work on the different areas of my business more effectively.  It's always a challenge to fit in all of the different areas that I work in, from large screen printing frames, messy dyes and pastes to sewing and finishing areas and a clean area for screen printing the lavender bags and wooden pieces, not to mention a packing area and somewhere for the computer and printer!  But I intend to try so I will be having a January sale on the website of some older work/samples/pieces that I find in the sort out!  If you want to know when things are becoming available you can either follow me on twitter @catheringreen (no 'e' at the end of Catherine!) or like my facebook page.

Also for all the makers out there I will be MAKING MYSELF get rid of any books, materials, picture frames....basically anything that I no longer need and will be putting these on Ebay in the coming weeks so if you want to grab a bargain watch out for those too!

SO.....January is the month to get those new ideas finalised, plan everything that I want to achieve into the year ahead and have a major sort out to make everything work much more effectively in the process.  What does everyone else have planned for 2014?????