Mini Artwork

New mini artwork is now available in my online shop!  I have created some smaller pieces recently to add to the shop in time for Christmas in the same style as my larger pieces but these are individually screen printed to allow for repeats of different designs.  Each piece is printed onto previously dyed fabric so each is unique as the pattern and colour on each piece of fabric is different.  So far the wren design is proving the most popular...take a look and see what you think......

It has been a while since I last blogged (surprise, surprise!) and I have been caught up in the pre-Christmas madness as usual.  The exhibition at Leeds Craft and Design Centre is now up and I have been so pleased with the response to my working, selling all 4 of the first delivery of work....happy days!

I have also got an exhibition of my work at The Black Swan Hotel in Helmsley through Gallery Beyond in Nunnington.  I am told that my work can be seen in the newly decorated bar and has gone down very well with a few comments on Twitter already.

New work is also now available at Finestra Gallery in Kirkby Lonsdale as I made a long awaited trip up there to restock.  It's been really difficult finding time to get out recently with orders to fulfil; I sent work to Bluestone Gallery in Wiltshire with my parents who were going on holiday down that way!  But I am finally catching up and am on track to be up to date for Christmas.

Just a quick mention before I go about Holmfirth Art Market.  I was lucky enough to be selected to show my work here in November and was pleasantly surprised at how well the day went and how many sales I made.  The stand was set up fairly quickly as the access to the indoor market was great and the visitors were all very appreciative of the work on offer...the only slight hiccup was when my Mum managed to spill a cup of coffee over my new clean covers.....but we aren't allowed to mention that (oops!).

Here's an image of one of the mini artworks.....bye for now.