Been busy.....

So it's been a while, no surprise, since I wrote last and I have moved to a new studio...again!  I had just about got myself organised when my husband, who had the office above (and connected to) my workshop decided he could no longer manage without central heating and informed me that he had spotted a lovely old building up for rent. cut a long story short we are now in the centre of Gomersal, opposite the Co-op!  Mark has a smaller office at the front of the building next to my 'gallery' room and I have the studio which runs the length of the building.  We have a kitchen area and small outdoor space at the back and it seems to be working rather well, and it's WARM!  We have the luxury of central heating and I have found this makes a huge difference to drying times and the central location means lots of passing visitors.  We are excited about getting some lovely banners and signage outside the building, hopefully next week, and I will take some photographs then.  Even though we have been here since the end of January I am still not quite organised (shock!) but have finally got the gallery area to a point where I am happy with it so I am getting there.

One of the reasons for taking so long to get organised in the new space is that I did the British Craft Trade Fair again in April and got a pleasing amount of orders from the show meaning that I am extremely busy until the end of July (see website for more!).  It certainly seemed quieter than in previous years but new enquiries and order increased so I think the genuine buyers were still there!

Well I think I have rambled enough for one post and I will try my very best not to leave it as long in the future.

I will leave you with an image of a new piece of work that I am really pleased with...

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